Kensington Accessories



Crafted from resin with an undeniably chic hand-painted lacquer finish, our Delano accessories combine modern style with sleek sophistication.

  • Resin
  • Hand painted lacquer finish
  • Imported


Lotion Dispenser: 3.03"L x 2.17"W x 8.50"H
Tumbler: 3.22"L x 3.23"W x 4.09"H
Toothbrush Holder: 4.01"D x 4.25"L x 4.09"W
Soap Dish: 5.39" L x 3.94" W x 1"H
Tray: 10.16"L x 5.43" W x 1.3"H
Cotton Jar: 3.94"L x 3.94"W x 4.45"H
Tissue Holder: 5.91"L x 5.91"W x 5.91"H
Waste Basket: 7.95"L x 6.81"W x 9.45"H

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