Connaught Canadian Hutterite White Down Duvet Light Weight -Summer

$262.50 $375.00


 Our Connaught  Down Duvet is made from 100% Canadian-sourced White Duck Down ,and ethically raised to full maturity by expert Hutterite farming colonies in Alberta .Hutterite down has quickly become  renowned as one of the worlds' highest quality down fills. Our Connaught Down Duvet is a perfect example to argue that species has absolutely nothing to do with quality .Achieving a consistent 700 Fill Power Loft puts this Hutterite White Duck Down at the very same level of insulation quality as most White Goose Downs .Demand exceeds supply it's so darn good  !  

 Connaught duvets are also made in Canada  too . This ultra premium quality down has been specially cleaned and  treated to maintain extra fill power for greater luxury. All of our down products are hypo-allergenic and Ultra-Fresh anti-microbial treated, to ensure proper hygiene levels compared to imports . 

This duvet should be used with a duvet or comforter cover at all times.
A properly covered duvet will eliminate the need for too frequent laundering . 

  • Canadian Hutterite Down Filling 700+  Fill Power Loft.
  • 100% White Cotton Sateen Ticking. 
  • 500 Thread Count. 
  • 12" Baffle Box Construction.
  • Hypoallergenic.


Twin      64" x 89"
Double  80" x 89"
Queen   88" x 90"
King     104" x 90"
Super Queen 98" x 100"
Super King   114" x 100"

*All sizes are based on empty shells prior to filling. Some variation may occur.

Product Care

  • Prior to use, shake the duvet vigorously to help fluff up the down duvet. It will take about 1 week of use before the outer fabric softens up and the down lofts up to its full potential.
  • Take your down duvet outdoors periodically and air it. This helps maintain its freshness, fluffiness and insulating qualities.
  • This product should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated closet or room when not in use in order to prevent mildew growth.
  •  A properly maintained duvet should only require cleaning after five to ten years, if at all.
  • Your duvet is covered in 100% cotton and filled with natural down. It will shrink if washed, possibly causing puckering in the stitching and loss of the filling.
  • Should your comforter need cleaning, have it DRY CLEANED or PROFESSIONALLY WASHED by a reputable cleaner that specializes in cleaning down and/or feather products.
  • DO NOT attempt to machine wash or dry clean this product yourself. If the filling stays even slightly damp, the down will clump together and may allow mildew growth.
  • Small spots or stains may be removed by holding the fabric away from the filling and using warm water and mild soap. To dry, use a hair dryer on low heat. 

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