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OUR story is a family legacy of linens. We have a history of bed and bath retail in Vancouver, first established in 1982. It's what we know, what we do and what we love!

OUR commitment and passion has always been to enhance the experience of your personal space....your bedroom and bathroom. As generational change is a natural progression of life, we have stepped into the future with fresh ideas and an intriguing new home. Rothman and Co. welcomes you and your family and we look forward to sharing our many years of knowledge and expertise in the world of bedding and bath.

OUR vision represents a modern yet timeless approach to creating your ultimate personal space. Whatever you're bedroom means to you -- peace, relaxation, a place to think and enjoy -- it is our wish to offer you selection and quality to bring out the best in your living space and in YOU! The bedroom is the place where we begin and end our day so, with this in mind, should be created with the utmost of care. We commit to helping you make your space restful and satisfying.

MIX and MATCH, the timeless philosophy for which our bed and bath heritage has been known and loved, takes on a modern new twist at R & Co. With the assistance of our creative and caring team you can mix and match colour, texture and style to your heart's content reflecting your own style by designing your own unique 'look'.

OUR private label is a classic mix of linen essentials and we look forward to introducing our collection to you. After careful consideration we have put our family name to our own product line. We believe in offering exclusive, high quality products with European materials, made in Canada.

OUR wish for you is to collect your own trousseau. Trousseau means 'new life' and today signifies starting 'fresh'. Start with the best basics and add layers of love. Consider the seasons, contemplate your mood and allow room for something new. Cover yourself in kindness; be cool, be elegant, be messy, be chic but most of comfortable. Don't just dream about it -- get fresh at Rothman & Co.

OUR team

We at Rothman and Co. LOVE our beds! Truthfully, we dream about getting into them all day. We know it's personal but we are here to help you discover and create your idea of a beautiful that enhances your well being. Whether you start with one perfect piece and add as you wish or transform your space into a comforting retreat, your bedroom and bathroom should reflect your personal style and make you happy.

Our team believes in beautiful bedrooms and nothing would give us more pleasure than assisting you in creating yours.

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