Lafco Diffuser 15 oz Chamomile Lavender / Master Bedroom

$120.00 $160.00

15 oz


Our hand blown glass diffusers filled with natural essential oil based fragrances, unite home fragrance with art to create the perfect ambiance.

  • Warm and enveloping; a mix of sweet chamomile and sprightly lavender promote a sense of well-being.
  • One fill bottle of fragrance essence oils (90% minimum natural essences).
  • One hand blown art glass diffuser.
  • One bundle of 16 natural reeds. 15 oz.

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Safety Tips

Fragrance oils: keep away from open flame. Do not ingest. Avoid contact with eyes. Avoid fragrance oil contact with delicate or finished wood surfaces and fabrics. 

TIPS FOR USE: Empty entire contents of fill bottle into hand blown diffuser. Immerse reeds into the diffuser starting with 8 for smaller spaces and adding for larger. Reverse reeds after initial absorption if you desire a stronger fragrance.
ECO TIPS: When the fragrance oils are completely evaporated, rinse your hand blown vessel thoroughly with hot soapy water and keep and use as a vase.

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