How to Buy The Perfect Pillow

Bedding Basics Sleep Tips • Posted on July 13 2016 • Leave a Comment
How to Buy The Perfect Pillow

 The old adage that “1/3 of your life is spent in bed" either attempting to achieve or, hopefully, getting the much needed rest for your health and livelihood that you require. Aside from the all-importance of a good sleep foundation found in a mattress the 2nd and 3rd most important items should not be surprisingly your duvet over top of you along with your pillows under your head. Here are some helpful tips on how to determine when it’s time to replace or how to buy the perfect pillow.

Now, let's take a minute to think... how old is the current set of pillows you’re sleeping with? Nervous to answer that one? Our decades of specialty home textiles experience advises that you should be replacing your pillows A LOT more often than you are! Even when using a pillow protector, polyester-filled pillows in any quality or density have the life span of approximately 2-5 years. Feather & Down-filled pillows last longer; approximately 5-10 years. For hygienic purposes, your pillows should be either professionally laundered /dry cleaned or done at home, but don't worry, we'll get to this.

Obvious signs of excessive wear are as follows:

1. Look for large indentations in the contour of your pillow, or if the pillow no longer lofts (puffs up) the way it originally did.

2. Stains on the pillow’s cover indicates not only perspiration but saliva as well. Pillows can become a breeding ground for molds, bacteria, and bed bug or dust mite attraction.

3. Leaking feathers or down can indicate they need to be replaced as well.


There are 3 basic sleep positions; back, stomach and side and each position requires a different pillow for the best support and comfort.

 1. If you sleep on your back, a medium height and density pillow is ideal for you, such as our Kitsilano pillow or Kerrisdale medium fill pillow. Your body would not benefit from too high of a pillow as it may cause the head to curve forward and moving the chin too close to chest.

2. If you are a stomach sleeper, you’d benefit from a softer, less dense pillow to support the neck in a more ideal position. Try our soft Shaughnessy pillow.

3. If you sleep on your side, you require a higher lofting firmer pillow in order to compensate for the gap in between your ear and the mattress. A firmer density pillow like our firm Shaughnessy or Kerrisdale pillow is best in this instance.


 Caring for your pillow is easy. Here’s some tips:

1. Always purchase a quality pillow protector with a minimum 200 thread count fabric cover and quality nylon zipper. This added protection will preserve your investment and reduce the need to launder the actual pillow.

2. If laundering at home, always use a front load washer; top load or agitator machines will surely rip the pillow apart. Use a mild detergent similar to your fine fabrics or undergarments.

3. Ensure that the pillow has excess water removed before drying.

4. Use a clean sneaker (ie. Keds or Converse) to add to the dryer to prevent polyesters & feather/down from clumping. Ensure the pillow is fully dried before using.

Happy snoozing on your new perfect pillow!