Get To Know: Cotton

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Get To Know: Cotton

Cotton can be defined as the fiber separated from the seed of the cotton plant. The term ‘staple’ is used to describe the average length of the cotton fiber. One can assume that the longer the cotton fiber, the better the quality. Species such as Egyptian or Pima cottons, have the longest staple length in the world, therefore being the most luxurious and long-lasting.

Cotton has several special characteristics which make it ideal for bedding and towels:

-Cotton is very absorbent and can absorb moisture

-Cotton can withstand high temperatures, which makes it easy to care for when washing and drying. Furthermore, laundering at higher temperatures allows towels and sheets to be cleaned, sanitized, and sterilized properly.

-Being naturally resistant to moths, cotton makes for better storage when not using.

-Cotton towels and sheets have a high wet strength, allowing them to stand up to rough use during bath time, cleaning, and laundering. Cotton is actually 30% stronger when wet!

At R & Co., we carry 100% Egyptian Cotton bedding. It is famous for its lush feel and soft drape. It can often be blended with lower grade cottons, so make sure you look for 100% to get the ultimate quality.

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